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Countdown Until the General Election on November 5, 2024

People for Women's Empowerment,

which we affectionately call "The Women's PAC," emerged in January 2020 out of a team pursuit

to inspire and support

women running for elected office in Illinois.

The Women's PAC's mission is to

empower women,

build an alliance,

and get more women

elected into Illinois office. 


We are a
Political Action Committee 
focused solely on
Women Empowerment

This is the makeup of Illinois. (1).png

We support the 


of women empowerment

in Illinois.


Our champions help other women and their campaigns with money, services, and time in order to build out our bench.


Our champions work tirelessly to push forward a women’s empowerment agenda with their actions and public policy.

The Women’s PAC recognizes that women come from

different backgrounds

and experiences

and that they embody and promote women empowerment from different dimensions and angles.

Field of Wheat

The Women’s PAC appreciates the rich

and varying contributions

by all women

to the women’s empowerment movement. 

Women; Women Empowerment; Women in Politics; Women Leader

We are business women.

We are lawyers.

We are changemakers. 

We are activists.

We are LGBTQ.

We are moms.

We are independent.

We are on a mission.

And we can do this.

The Women's PAC runs on grit and hard work alone. 

The Women's PAC  
shares our expertise on:

Fundraising for the Women's PAC; Women Fundraising


Every dollar counts because women have historically lagged behind men when it comes to fundraising.

The Women's PAC Advocacy; Supporting Women; Empowering Women


Public policy matters in order to ensure women's equality.

The Women's PAC Campaigning; Women Campaigning; Women Supporting Women


We want to support you, walk doors with you, and phone bank with you.

Join the Inner Circle

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We are excited to have you!

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